Embedded and IoT Systems days

hardware and network architectures 

sponsored by GdR RSD and SOC2.

Date: April 1, 2019
Place: Cedric, Cnam, Paris, France.

Connected objects are expected to change our everyday life, monitoring and acting on our environment (smart cities and buildings, industry 4.0, agriculture and environmental applications). Because of their small size and stringent harware constraints, the IoT devices rise a high numer of integration challenges, due to both software and hardware aspects. The workshop is meant to facilitate and reinforce synergies between the two research comunities of the SOC2 and RSD GDR, in embedded systems, networks and distributed systems. The main goals of the workshop consist in rising awareness on corresponding research activities and areas for the two communities, facilitating the emergence of possible novel collaborations, and identifying new research challenges.

The SEOC workshop will deliver scientific communications and presentations in the following areas (but not limited to): 

  • IoT backhauling and configuration protocols (LoRa, 6TiSCH, Sigfox, RPL, etc) ;
  • low-energy and reconfigurable IoT systems (FPGA, NetFPGA, …) ;
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) ;
  • communication, routing, MAC protocols for wireless sensors ;
  • robots and drones : communication, self-organization, distributed algorithms, programming ;
  • security of connected IoT devices ;
  • hardware and software robustness of embedded systems.

Research work presentations are welcome, under one or many of the following formats :

  • a presentation describing a recent contribution, or a panorama of challenges of a well-defined domain ;
  • prototype demonstration or proof of concept ;
  • a poster describing a preliminary or established work in the area.

Modalities :

  • Deadline for the propositions : January 31, 2019 (attention: first in first served policy).
  • Submission via this form, specifying the format and title of the presentations, with a short summary.
  • Registration through this form.
    • Option to propose posters and demo presentations.
    • Registration deadline : 15 mars 2019

Organizing committee :   
Sami Taktak (Cedric/Cnam), Franck Wajsburt (LIP6/SU) for SOC2   
Stefano Secci (Cedric/Cnam), Fabrice Theoleyre (ICube/CNRS) for RSD